Two Entrepreneurs Helping People Feel Valued.

PPTECH was launched to provide a business to consumer product that had unsurpassed quality and personal service.

What’s the big idea behind PPTech?

You have amazing clients. We have low-cost, high-end promotional products that your clients will love. And since we buy directly from the manufacturer, we can brand your promotional products for free. Win!

PPTech was started by two entrepreneurs and long time friends with a combined fifty plus years of business building experience. We have many clients of our own and we know the value of thanking our clients with a tangible gift to remind them of us. We were tired of using a pen, a mug or a magnet, as a real gift for real clients. Why give the people we value something we’d never use ourselves? We wanted the promotional products we shared with clients to be items they used happily for a long time. We even had the audacity to believe our high tech gifts could be something they showed off to their friends!

1How Did We Launch PPTECH?
We knew the promotional products we wanted for our clients, we just needed to find them! We wanted to buy great client gifts at a price we could afford - and we wanted to make sure the gifts were branded beautifully. Of course we didn’t know that we’d end up being the ones creating a new business to meet this promotional product need! It wasn’t until an old friend in manufacturing reconnected with us, that we realized the genius we had on our hands. Exciting quality promotional products, manufactured directly for the consumer, without huge markups. We launched shortly after, pleased as punch to have stumbled upon something so perfect for the market.
1What Makes PPTECH Unique?
Most promotional products are manufactured in bulk and then sold to a middleman wholesaler, who adds your branding (for a fee) and resells them to you. The price goes up twice in the process, leading to cheaply made, run of the mill products, at prices higher than you’d expect. Because the only value your wholesaler adds to the product is your branding, they charge you for the service. And because they buy all their products in bulk they can’t flex to accommodate your needs. On top of all of that, most of them don’t offer much in the way of customer service. That’s why, after years of dealing with impersonal customer service, we’ve decided to create a company where you get to connect directly with the owners when you have a problem or concern. When you call or email, you’ll be hearing back from us!
1Who's Behind PPTECH?
So who are the rockstars behind PPTech? The entrepreneurial spirit is strong with these two. Josh Johnson has been running businesses since he was a kid, when he made a consistent eight dollars a day at only seven years old, with a streetside lei sales business. Since then he’s been starting and running a variety of fascinatingly diverse businesses. He builds each of them strong enough to last, before taking on a new challenge. He’s been specializing in web design and SEO for the last six years. His partner in business is long time friend, Jeff Tropiano. Jeff’s been growing businesses for thirty years and has spent the last fifteen years helping businesses market and brand themselves in ways that make them strong, growing and visible. Jeff’s core values are loyalty and integrity and he lives those out daily. He believes the key to great business is found in treating his clients and colleagues like good friends so that’s what he does.

Connect With Us Today.

Here at PPTech we look forward to introducing you to our exciting new promotional products, or even working with you to develop promotional products of your own, just for your company! Give us a call, shoot us an email or place an order! We look forward to making you part of the family!